Readerly is Saying Goodbye

After 3 years of building and running Readerly, we’ve made the very difficult decision to shut down. Before we get into why, we want to lay out how we’re going to make this as easy on you as possible.

Your Data

First of all, your data is yours. We’ve designed a special export for you that’s compatible with most other book tracking sites and apps. This export is in the Goodreads format so it can be used wherever Goodreads exports are accepted.

To generate the export, simply enter your email address below and you’ll be emailed a link to download the export.


Exports will be available until May 2024, but we’re also going to keep the app operational for existing users until May 15th, 2023.


We’ve stopped all billing for Readerly+ as of today but will continue offering Readerly+ features until the end. If you’re an annual subscriber, we’ve initiated prorated refunds with Apple and Google, who tell us they should be fully processed within 2 weeks.


The simplest answer is that although the readers who used Readerly loved it, we weren’t able to attract enough new readers to support the platform financially. It’s been especially tricky because our usage stats are so encouraging in every way except number of accounts, but without that volume we weren’t able to continue.

Thank You So Much

For us, this was always about building a passionate community of readers, and we did exactly that. One of the most difficult aspects to shutting down was that we’ll miss the app and its readers! Together, we’ve changed how we discover books. Thank you for being a part of the Readerly community, for helping us shape the platform, and for sharing your favorite books with us!

Thank you,

Mary, Matt, Gill, and Erica