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Recommendations with context

Reducing a book down to 3.3 or 4.2 stars doesn’t tell you what you as a reader with unique tastes will think of it. Instead, we show you how much your tastes overlap with the reviewer’s so you can decide which books are for you.


Instead of reviews, readers write Gists. Gists are a fun way to share your favorite books with individual slides for tags, character bios, favorite quotes, and more.

Top lists

See the most recommended books on Readerly, filtered down to the genres you’re interested in. Explore a list of recently published books, as well as books published within the last year, last decade, and all time.

Tracking and stats

Track the books you read and rate, and see your stats for genres, topics, time periods, and more! Plus, you can explore others’ profiles to get a sense of what they read and discover something new.

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Quickly tap the Save button to save a book, or hold it down to add it to a list you’ve created.


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