We’re changing book discovery for the better

We’re rebuilding book discovery from the ground up, focusing on your individual tastes and giving you a genuine choice in what you read.

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Leveling the playing field

We're not in this to sell books. Our mission is to help readers discover great books and support the creators, publishers, and booksellers who nourish the writer-to-reader chain.

Readerly provides a much needed counter-balance to the power of marketing and algorithms designed to get you to make a purchase. Every book you see is one that has been recommended by a like-minded reader, and every time you take an action on a book—save, hide, or mark it as read—we remove that book from your feed. This dampens the dominance of bestsellers, creating space on the platform to widen your choice by showing you books you may have missed and new hidden gems.

Ending the generic 5-star rating system

It's 2021, and the world is still using a 5-star rating system to grade highly subjective work. Too many excellent books go undiscovered because they weren't written for the majority and received below the dreaded 3.5 star average.

We treat readers as individuals, tailoring the platform to your unique tastes. Instead of giving books a single rating, we show the percentage of people similar to you who recommended the book.

Remaining accountable & independent

We’re a small team who believe in the transformative power of great stories and the value of the people who write them. We offer a subscription to readers who want to support our mission so we can keep their interests at the heart of the platform.

The Readerly Team