It's time for a fresh recommendation

We're always on the lookout for our next book, but found we kept seeing the same titles pop up again and again. So we created an independent recommendation platform, designed to help you discover truly interesting reads.


A better way to find books

A tailored experience

You tell us what you like (and don’t like) to read and we build you a personal recommendation engine powered by like-minded readers.

Unbiased recommendations

We use like-minded readers to help power the recommendations, and only show you books because we think you’ll like them. We’re never paid to promote, and are 100% ad-free.

Relevant ratings

Instead of general 5-star averages, our rating system accounts for your unique tastes by showing you what like-minded readers thought of a book.

Concise, helpful reviews

Readers leave one-sentence reviews, or Gists, ordered by relevance to you. No unhelpful opinions or spoilers—just the info you need to make your choice.

Not another social network

We're private by default so you can explore, save, and organize your books without distraction, sharing and connecting with other readers only when you want to.

Help Support our Mission

We believe a book recommendation engine should help level the playing field for all authors.

We fill your recommendation engine with a diverse range of books—not just the most popular—and prioritize the ones we think you’ll love
Your interactions on the site help us improve your recommendations, and let readers with similar taste discover books they’ll love too
As books from indie presses and underrepresented authors gain popularity in your group of like-minded readers, other groups start to hear about them as well
New voices start to surface on Readerly, allowing us to populate each recommendation engine with an even wider range of interesting reads